The faculty at Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School consists of dedicated, nurturing, and qualified educators. Our teachers  meet the needs of all children entrusted to their care, through participation in workshops, conferences and in-service programs in order to remain current in their profession. We believe that our mission is to educate the whole child. Each day at Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School teachers in all grades help God's children learn and grow spiritually, academically, and socially in order to become successful students in an ever changing world. 


Additionally, our teachers demonstrate both an expertise in their subject matter as well as a love of teaching. They do not view teaching as only a job but also a vocation. OLMBSS teachers have real-world practical experiences that they eagerly and energetically share with our students through their daily lessons. Our faculty participates and supports student led committees, clubs, projects, and activities in order to promote peer collaboration, leadership, and teamwork.




Pre-School Miss Ingrid Boarts iboarts@olmbs.org
Kindergarten Miss Jennifer Grande jgrande@olmbs.org
First Grade Mrs. Jane Thimons jthimons@olmbs.org
Second Grade Mrs. Jessica Zhikharev jzhikharev@olmbs.org
Third Grade Miss Jessica Seidl jseidl@olmbs.org
Fourth Grade Mrs. Alyssa Imler aimler@olmbs.org
Fifth Grade Mrs. Lisa Stough
Middle School Science
Sixth Grade Mr. Gerard Conroy
Middle School Social Studies
Seventh Grade Miss Sarah Calligan
Middle School Language Arts
Eighth Grade Mr. Jason Swalga
Middle School Math
Religion 5/6
World Language

Sr. Mary Catherine  Blooming srmcblooming@olmbs.org
Religion 7/8 Fr. Aaron Kriss
Mrs. Rebecca Matt

Computer Mrs. Audrey Bowser  leadadmin@olmbs.org 
Phys. Ed Mr. Tyler Brown tbrown@olmbs.org 
Art Ms. Toni Jones tjones@olmbs.org
Music Ms. Nacol Sharkins nsharkins@olmbs.org
Band Mr. Rick Matt rmatt@olmbs.org